«Our mission is to develop and offer innovative therapies for tissue and organ regeneration by cross-fertilizing the local scientific, technological and surgical excellences»

Ivan Martin, BCRS Coordinator

Welcome to the Basel Center of Regenerative Surgery (BCRS)

Regenerative Surgery is an interdisciplinary field of research and clinical applications aiming to repair, replace or regenerate tissues or full organs, to restore function loss due to congenital defects, diseases, damage/trauma or aging.

The BCRS provides expertise, knowledge, tools and resources, shared and exploited by various research groups, towards clinical translation of regenerative strategies.

BCRS assembles appropriate interdisciplinary activity in biological, engineering, pharmaceutical sciences and regulatory domains to support cross-fertilization between scientific and surgical disciplines.

BCRS provides a structured framework for interaction, bringing together the required skills from across the academic, clinical and industrial landscapes, beyond borders of faculties or departments. The established critical mass and open cultural environment generates internal synergies and attracts further national and international partnership and investment.

A translational program across disciplines